Here you will find films with Orpheus Baroque recorded in the Grünewald Hall, Stockholm Concert Hall.

Grand duel with gamba and cello

Musicians of the Orpheus Baroque ensemble present works by for instance Saint-Colombe, Marais, Barrière and Boccherini.


Music for the mother of clarinet with Orpheus Baroque: a journey in the borderland between baroque and classicism.


Lorenzo Coppola leader & chalumeaux soloist

Alf Hörberg chalumeaux

Christoffer Öhman viola

Johannes Rostamo cello

Elin Gabrielsson violin & concert master

Orpheus Baroque Stockholm


The Music

Georg Philipp Telemann Concerto in d minor for two chalumeaux, strings and basso continuo

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach Sinfonia in F major "Dissonant" Fk 67

Intermission: a conversation with Lorenzo Coppola

Joseph Haydn Notturno in F major “Notturno for the King of Naples” Hob II:26

Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 53 "L’imperiale"

Joseph Haydn Trio Movements from Hob XI, version for clarinet, viola and cello

"Lorenzo Coppola and three historical clarinets seduce Orpheus Baroque Stockholm"

Chalumeaux - Lorenzo Coppola

Music for the mother of clarinet with Orpheus Baroque: a journey in the borderland between baroque and classicism.


The composers and the music that laid the foundation to a musical metropolis.


Members of Orpheus Baroque Stockholm

Annastina Malm mezzo-soprano

Elin Gabrielsson violin

Emma Nyman violin

Christopher Öhman viola

Daniel Holst cello

Johannes Rostamo cello

Fredrik Bock theorbo

Mariangiola Martello leadar & harpsichord

The Music

Maria Margherita Grimani Sinfonia from Pallade e Marte

Maria Margherita Grimani D’Augusto vincitor from Pallade e Marte

Johann Joseph Fux Trio Sonata in A major K 340

Attilio Ariosti Sonata for viola d’amore and basso continuo

Maria Margherita Grimani A le tue eccelse imprese from Pallade e Marte

Intermission: a conversation with Johannes Rostamo

Antonio Caldara Introduzione from La morte d'Abel

Antonio Caldara Fortuna e speranza from Nitocri

Antonio Caldara Concerto da camera à violoncello solo

Georg Reutter d y Parto inerme from La Betulia liberata

Georg Reutter d y Pizzicato

Antonio Vivaldi Barbaro traditor from L’oracolo in Messenia 3 min

Dawn in Vienna

Orpheus Baroque and Annastina Malm perform rarely heard pieces by composers Maria Grimani, Joseph Fux och Antonio Caldara.


The genius and the genius son - Johann Sebastian and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Film from the Concert 16 december 2018 now available at KonserthusetPlay.

Orpheus Baroque Stockholm - Johannes Rostamo, cello - Luca Guglielmi, harpsichord - Elin Gabrielsson, violin


Luca Guglielmi leader & harpsichordist

Johannes Rostamo cello

Elin Gabrielsson violin & concertmaster

Orpheus Baroque Stockholm


The Music

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Sinfonia e minor Wq 178

Johann Sebastian Bach Keyboard Concerto No. 1

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Cello Concerto in a minor Wq 170

Johann Sebastian Bach Sinfonia to Part 2 from Cantata No. 76 "Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes"

C P E Bach Sinfonia e minor

Tenderness, passion. Tempests and longing. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s music is intense and emotional. Here, Orpheus Baroque Stockholm performs his Sinfonia in e Minor.

In his time, Carl Philipp Emanuel was one of the foremost and best-known composers, far more famous and beloved than his father Johann Sebastian Bach. In his music, he expressed the aesthetic ideals that were captured in the expression Sturm und Drang – Storm and Longing. It was a counterbalance to the Enlightenment notions of rationality, empiricism and reason. Here, we encounter explosive music with abundant energy and quick changes, as well as melodic beauty and warmth.


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was the most prominent of Johann Sebastian’s sons who composed music. At the same time, he broke away stylistically from his father’s Baroque music, which had the weight of counterpoint, becoming instead a representative of emotional rococo music. 

This explosive cello concerto is a development of a piano piece which was transformed into a concerto for flute, and only then into a cello concerto. The middle movement, an expressive andante, is surrounded by two stormy movements in which the musicians occasionally pause as if to gather renewed strength, only to head back out onto the open seas once again. 

"Fördel Bach den yngre, i vass och stormig musikalisk retorik"

"Barocken lyfts av Bach den yngres emotioner"

"Vill höra mer!"

C P E Bach Cello Concerto a minor

In this concert video we will see The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s solo cellist Johannes Rostamo as soloist in Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s temperamental Cello Concerto in a-minor. Italian Luca Guglielmi leads Orpheus Baroque Stockholm from the harpsichord.

Beethoven trios for clarinet, cello and piano

Clarinetist Alf Hörberg and solo cellist Johannes Rostamo, both members of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, play trios by Beethoven on period instruments and are joined by pianist Bengt Forsberg.

In a recording from the Grünewald Hall at Konserthuset Stockholm, we listen to the two piano trios for clarinet, cello and piano, opuses 11 and 38. Performing here on period instruments makes them sound slightly different than with modern instruments – it brings us back to Beethoven’s own time.

The lighter trio op 11 was composed by the young Beethoven. The theme in the last movement was borrowed from the opera L’amor marinaro by Joseph Weigl, at that time an opera composer à la mode. The melody was so popular in Vienna that you could hear it being whistled by people in the streets. The trio is therefore sometimes named the Gassenhauer Trio, after the Austrian-German word for street, Gasse.

In the trio op 38 Beethoven on the other hand borrowed a melody from himself. The famous theme in this trio’s fourth movement was taken from the Piano Sonata op 49 No 2, one of the less demanding sonatas composed in order for amateur pianists to be able to play it. This warm-sounding piano trio was the result of Beethoven’s own arrangement of the Septet op 20.


Alf Hörberg clarinet

Johannes Rostamo cello

Bengt Forsberg hammerklavier

From Stockholm Early Music Festival - SEMF

J J Quantz Flute concerto - Benedek Csalog

Benedek Csalog and Orpheus Baroque in the German Church in Stockholm

The music

When royals compose and surround themselves with famous composers, the music gets a very special shimmer... Sanssouci's gates open to the world of flute where you meet Frederick the Great, Wilhelmina von Preussen, J J Quantz and J S Bach! Benedek Csalog is Hungary's most renowned soloist on traverso flute with an international career in Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

SEMF - Stockholm Early Music Festival


Benedek Csalog flute

Orfeus Barock Stockholm


Sundsvall Chamber Music Festival


Musicians from Orpheus Baroque Stockholm

Elin Gabrielsson violin

Lars Warnstad violin

Christoffer Öhman viola

Daniel Holst cello

Valur Pálsson double bass

Jan Bränström priest

The music

Music by Joseph and Michael Haydn

Mr och Mrs Haydn

Musicians from Orpheus Baroque perform in Sundsvall Gustav Adolf's Curch