Here you will find films with Orpheus Baroque recorded in the Grünewald Hall, Stockholm Concert Hall.

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The genius and the genius son - Johann Sebastian and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

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Orpheus Baroque Stockholm - Johannes Rostamo, cello - Luca Guglielmi, harpsichord - Elin Gabrielsson, violin


Luca Guglielmi leader & harpsichordist

Johannes Rostamo cello

Elin Gabrielsson violin & concertmaster

Orpheus Baroque Stockholm


The Music

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Sinfonia e minor Wq 178

Johann Sebastian Bach Keyboard Concerto No. 1

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Cello Concerto in a minor Wq 170

Johann Sebastian Bach Sinfonia to Part 2 from Cantata No. 76 "Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes"

C P E Bach Sinfonia e minor

Tenderness, passion. Tempests and longing. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s music is intense and emotional. Here, Orpheus Baroque Stockholm performs his Sinfonia in e Minor.

C P E Bach Cello Concerto a minor

In this concert video we will see The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s solo cellist Johannes Rostamo as soloist in Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s temperamental Cello Concerto in a-minor. Italian Luca Guglielmi leads Orpheus Baroque Stockholm from the harpsichord.

In his time, Carl Philipp Emanuel was one of the foremost and best-known composers, far more famous and beloved than his father Johann Sebastian Bach. In his music, he expressed the aesthetic ideals that were captured in the expression Sturm und Drang – Storm and Longing. It was a counterbalance to the Enlightenment notions of rationality, empiricism and reason. Here, we encounter explosive music with abundant energy and quick changes, as well as melodic beauty and warmth.


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was the most prominent of Johann Sebastian’s sons who composed music. At the same time, he broke away stylistically from his father’s Baroque music, which had the weight of counterpoint, becoming instead a representative of emotional rococo music. 

This explosive cello concerto is a development of a piano piece which was transformed into a concerto for flute, and only then into a cello concerto. The middle movement, an expressive andante, is surrounded by two stormy movements in which the musicians occasionally pause as if to gather renewed strength, only to head back out onto the open seas once again. 

"Fördel Bach den yngre, i vass och stormig musikalisk retorik"

"Barocken lyfts av Bach den yngres emotioner"

"Vill höra mer!"