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Since its formation in 2015, Orpheus Baroque Stockholm has grown into an important part of the musical offering, serving as a meeting place for philharmonic musicians and for Sweden’s foremost Baroque musicians.

Through its own concert series in the Grünewald Hall, the ensemble has developed into a dynamic and creative meeting place for members of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra with expertise in early music, as well as many of Sweden's leading freelance baroque musicians. The ensemble works to make the profane musical treasure during the period 1600 - 1850 available with playing on period instruments and a historically informed playing style.

Orpheus Baroque has also profiled itself as an ensemble by inviting Swedish and internationally leading musicians in early music as guest leaders. Leaders like Francesco CortiLorenzo Coppola, Alfredo Bernardini, Manfredo Kraemer, Dan Laurin, Kreeta-Maria Kentala, Peter Spissky, Luca Guglielmi, Göran Karlsson and Mariangiola Martello as well as soloists like Anders J. Dahlin, Maria Keohane, Annastina Malm, Marianne Beate Kielland, Kristina Hammarström and Karl-Magnus Fredriksson collaborated with the ensemble.

The group's debut CD with music by JS Bach and CPE Bach was released on Alba Records 2020, praised by critics and nominated for a Grammy award in the category "Classic of the Year".

Artistic directors for Orpheus Baroque are concertmaster Elin Gabrielsson and cellist Johannes Rostamo.

Carl Milles 

Orpheus' well

The Orpheus Baroque Ensemble is named after Carl Mille's statue Orpheus' well (Orfeusbrunnen), located outside the The Stockholm Concert Hall's entrance on Hötorget in Stockholm. Orpheus is portrayed in Greek mythology as a singer and musician of rank. In the fountain in front of the Stockholm Concert Hall, he descends into the realm of death to try to raise the dead with his lyrical play and retrieve his beloved Eurydice. One of the inhabitants of the death empire has had to borrow the composer Beethoven's features.


Players who participated in the concerts


Elin Gabrielsson (concertmaster), Emma Nyman, Jenny Eklund, Johannes Lörstad, Katarina Bengtson Dennis,Catalina Langborn, Henrik Peterson, Lars Warnstad, Gabriel Cornet, Lola Torrente

Hanna Matell, Patrik Swedrup, Amus-Kerstin Andersson, Rena Kimura, Per Fahlén, Andrej Power, Daniela Bonfiglioli, Emma de Frumerie, Anna Stefánsson, Helena Valeberg Sunding, Sten-Johan Sunding, Annika Schönning, Ulrika Westerberg, Rebecka Karlsson, Martin Lissola, Arsema Asghodom

Visiting concertmaster

Fredrik From, Ann Wallström, Anthony Marini


Christopher Öhman, Pascal Siffert

Louisa Kaufeldt, Katarina Skoog Aquilonius, Grop Mikael Sjögren, Emma Nyman, Joel Sundin, Monica Carlén, Olof Ander, Anna Gärtner, Andrea Ravantoni


Johannes Rostamo, Daniel Holst

Klas Gagge, Marie Macleod

Violone and Double Bass

Valur Pálsson

Tomas Gertonsson, Mattias Frostenson


Kerstin Frödin


Andreas Alin

Cecilie Hesselberg Löken, Olle Torssander, Magnea Árnadóttir, Kristine West, Pauliina Fred


Jesper Harryson, Kerstin Frödin

Ia Neumüller, Kyoko Nakasawa, Guido Campana


Alf Hörberg


Jens-Christoph Lemke

Johan Segerman, Jani Sunnarborg, Anders Engström, Linda Forster


Hans Larsson, Beng Ny

Heléne Sikdal, Kerstin Ripa

Harpsichord and organ

Mariangiola Martello, Marcus Mohlin

Mayumi Kamata, Urban Westerlund, Peter Lönnerberg, Johan Lindström, Anna Paradiso


Jonas Nordberg

Karl Nyhlin, Fredrik Bock, Lars-Erik Larsson


Johan Åkervall, Björn Nyman

Andreas Bengtsson, Peter Kubik


Nils Carlsson, Åke Lännerholm, Erik Stenborg


Anders Haag

Simon Landqvist

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